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The final circular of ISPMM'98 is available in Portable Document Format (PDF). You can get the PDF documents on ISPMM'98, as well as the final circular.

Organizing Committee
K. Adachi (Fukui Univ. of Tech., Honorary Chairman)
H. Fujimori (Tohoku Univ., Chairman)
T. Miyazaki (Tohoku Univ., Vice-chairman & Treasurer)
M. Takahashi (Tohoku Univ., Programme & Publication)
K. Takanashi (Tohoku Univ., Secretary)
K. Iijima (Yamaha) Y. Inokuti (Kawasaki Steel)
H. Ito (Pioneer) K. Inomata (Toshiba)
N. Imamura (Tosoh) N. Ohta (Hitachi Maxell)
K. Ohashi (Shin-Etsu Chemical ) T. Ohhashi (Japan Energy)
K. Ohmori (Sumitomo MM) Y. Okumura (KUBOTA)
E. Ohtsuki (Tokin) T. Katayama (Toho Univ.)
T. Kato (Fuji Electric ) T. Kuji (Mitsui MM)
T. Kubota (Nippon Steel) M. Kumano (RICOH)
T. Sakai (ANELVA) H. Sakakima (Matsushita)
T. Sato (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.) K. Sato (Yokohama Nat..Univ.)
Y. Shiroishi (Hitachi) T. Shinohara (Hitachi Metals)
N. Shinkai (Asahi Komag) T. Shinjo (Kyoto Univ.)
T. Suzuki (Toyota Tech. Inst.) K. Tagami (NEC)
Y. Taga (Toyota Central R&D Labs.) S. Takahashi (SONY)
S. Tsunashima (Nagoya Univ.) T. Takeshita (Mitsubishi Material)
T. Tsushima (The Soc. of Non-Trad. Tech.) T. Tomie (Teijin)
I. Nakatani (NRIM) M. Nagano (Tohoku EPCO)
K. Nakamura (ULVAC) Y. Nakamura (Tohoku Univ.)
Y. Narumiya (TDK) K. Hayashi (SONY)
F. Hikami (Read Rite SMI) H. Hirano (Tohoku Steel)
S. Hirosawa (Sumitomo SM) K. Fukamichi (Tohoku Univ.)
H. Fujii (Hiroshima Univ.) Y. Maehara (Sumitomo MI)
A. Makino (Alps Electric) Y. Miura (Fujitsu)
H. Miyajima (Keio Univ.) T. Mizoguchi (Gakushuin Univ.)
K. Mukasa (Hokkaido Univ.) R. Yabuno (Imra Material R&D)
H. Yamaoka (SHARP)
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International Advisory Committee
T. Tsushima (Japan, Chairman)
J. M. D. Coey (Ireland) T. S. Chin (Hsinchu, China)
D. M. Edwards (UK) A. Fert (France)
A. J. Freeman (USA) D. Givord (France)
C. D. Graham, Jr. (USA) P. A.Grünberg (Germany)
I. R. Harris (UK) A. Hernando (Spain)
H. Hoffmann (Germany) T. Hicks (Australia)
H. M. Jin (Changchun, China) I. K. Kang (Korea)
T. K. Kim (Korea) H. K. Lachowicz (Poland)
T. S. Low (Singapore) Y. Luo (Beijing, China)
S. Maekawa (Japan) Y. Sugita (Japan)
Z. Yang (Lanzhou, China)
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Programme and Publication Committee
M. Takahashi (Tohoku Univ., Chairman)
K. Arai (Tohoku Univ.) J. Inoue (Nagoya Univ.)
K. Inomata (Toshiba) M. Okada (Tohoku Univ.)
K. Kobayashi (Fujitsu) T. Katayama (Toho Univ.)
S. Hirosawa (Sumitomo SM) R. Nakatani (Hitachi)
K. Sato (Tokyo Univ. A.& T.) Y. Shimada (Tohoku Univ.)
M. Matsui (Nagoya Univ.)
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Executive Committee
H. Fujimori (Tohoku Univ.) T. Miyazaki (Tohoku Univ.)
M. Takahashi (Tohoku Univ.) K. Takanashi (Tohoku Univ.)
S. Sugimoto (Tohoku Univ.) D. Book (Tohoku Univ.)
H. Kato (Tohoku Univ.) H. Shoji (Tohoku Univ. )
T. Shima (Tohoku Univ.)
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In corporation with :
The Japan Institute of Metals 
The Japan Society of Applied Physics 
The Physical Society of Japan 
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers 
The Materials Research Society of Japan 
Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy
The Society of Non-Traditional Technology
The 131st Committee on Thin Films, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Aoba Foundation for the Promotion of Engineering
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General Information

The fourth International Symposium on Physics of Magnetic Materials (ISPMM'98) will be held at the Sendai International Center in Sendai, Japan, from 23rd to 26th August, 1998.

Sendai International Center
Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-0856

Instructions on traveling from abroad are shown in the map towards the end of this circular. The distance from JR Sendai Station to the Sendai International Center is about 2.6 km (approximately 5 min. by taxi).

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Registration and Information desks will be open at the Symposium site, Sendai International Center, between 15:00 and 20:00 on Sunday, 23rd August, and from 8:00 on Monday, 24th August. It seems inevitable that registration will be very busy on Monday morning. Therefore, if you would like to ensure that you finish your registration before the sessions start, please arrive at the Sendai International Center early.

On-site Registration fee is 45,000 for normal participants and 25,000 for students. The registration fee includes admission to all scientific sessions, a copy of the Abstracts Booklet, the Welcome Reception, morning and afternoon refreshments and a copy of the Proceedings. The student rate does not include a copy of the Proceedings.

The Symposium Banquet will be held at the Hotel Sendai Plaza from 18:30 on Tuesday, 25th August. The Banquet fee is 10,000. It takes about 5 min. from the Sendai International Center by taxi, 20 min. on foot.

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The technical programme for presentations and discussion will consist of parallel oral sessions held in two Symposium rooms and poster sessions. The invited speakers are listed below:
Spin dependent transport
S. S. P. Parkin (USA) H. Ohno (Japan) A. Bratkovsky (USA)
S. Takahashi (Japan)

Exchange coupling

R. Scherschlicht (Germany) B. Heinrich (Canada)

Soft magnetic materials

S. X. Zhou (Beijing, China) T. Morikawa (Japan)

Hard magnets

W. C. Chang (Chia-Yi, China) F. Yang (Beijing, China) K. V. Rao (Sweden)
Y. Luo (Beijing, China) G. C. Hadjipanayis (USA)  H. Nakamura (Japan)


A. Kirilyuk (Netherlands) T. Koide (Japan)

Intrinsic magnetic properties

E. F. Wassermann (Germany) D. M. Edwards (UK) S. H. Lim (Korea)

Magnetization process

C. E. Patton (USA)

Novel magnetic phenomena

B. Hillebrands (Germany)

Novel scientific instrumentation & processing

V. Kottler (France)

Memorial session for the late Prof. Minoru Takahashi, the first organizing chairman of the ISPMM, will be
held from 20:00 to 21:20 on 24th August. The Memorial talks are scheduled to be given by the following speakers:

H. Lachowicz (Poland)  M. Takahashi (Japan) 
T. Miyazaki (Japan)  J. S. Moodera (USA) 
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Invited talks are allocated 30 min. in total, of which the final 5 min. shall be devoted to discussion. Contributed oral talks are allocated 12 min. for speech and 3 min. for discussion.
In the Symposium room, only an overhead projector (OHP) will be available. Letters and figures in the OHP viewgraphs should be written large enough to be clearly visible from the back of the room.

The poster sessions will be held in the corridor which is located between the Room A and Room B. The poster area for each presentation is 120 cm (height) x 180 cm (width). Only the program number will be indicated on the top of the board. The title, author?s name(s) and address should be neatly written in large enough letters and placed on the top of the panel.
Authors should display their posters in the fixed time, and remove them immediately after that time.

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Symposium Proceedings
The Symposium Proceedings will be published as a special issue of the Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan, Vol. 23 No.1-2 (1999). Papers not presented at the Symposium will not appear in the Proceedings.

The publication Board showing the status of manuscripts will be placed near the Symposium Desk. Authors should check on the status of their manuscripts, and if necessary, contact the Publication office during the Symposium.

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The language for presentations and papers is English.
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Special Programme
The following two programmes are scheduled to take place during the Symposium. Both will be offered with an English speaking guide. If you are interested in either of the programmes, please mark the programme number shown in the hotel reservation form.

E1: Matsushima, Monday, 24 August - full day (about 10,000)

Matsushima is the famous ocean coast, which is known as one of the three most beautiful spots in Japan. This tour includes a boat cruise and visits to the Zuiganji temple and museum.

E2: City tour, Wednesday, 26 August - afternoon (about 4,000)

This tour includes several historical spots in Sendai, e.g., the Sendai castle and the shrine for the Date family who governed Sendai for about 300 years, from the end of the 16th century.

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The symposium will be held in the Sendai International Center in the city of Sendai, which is the capital of Miyagi prefecture. The city is located approximately 350 km to the north of Tokyo, and can be reached by a bullet train "Shin-Kansen" in about 2 hours from Tokyo. Sendai is full of greenery, and is often called the "Tree-Clad City". Sendai is also well known for several areas of historical importance and outstanding natural beauty that are located nearby. These include the famous ocean coast (Matsushima), mountains (Zao), ancient Buddhist temples and many hot springs. The typical temperature is between 21 and 28 ? in late August. The climate is more comfortable than that of Tokyo in this season, however, it does occasionally become a little hot and humid.
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Hotel Reservation
The Tohoku University Co-operative Travel Division can help you with hotel reservation. Please mail or fax a reservation form to the division. We regret that it is not possible to make reservations by telephone or e-mail. A hotel reservation voucher will arrive approximately 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the Symposium. When you receive the voucher please examine whether your reservation information is correct. If there are any problems or changes, please contact the Tohoku University Co-operative Travel Division immediately.

Tohoku University Co-operative Travel Division

Tohoku University

Katahira 2-1-1, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8576

Tel: +81-22-261-3103, Fax: +81-22-261-1015

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Currency Exchange and Tipping
The Symposium Desk will accept only Japanese yen in cash. Foreign currency exchange is not available at the conference center. Please use the exchange service at the airport or banks in the city.
Tipping is not customary in Japan. Instead, a 10% service charge is included in the bill at hotels and restaurants.
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Passport and VISA
All overseas participants entering Japan are required to hold a valid passport. Those people who require a Visa should apply to the Japanese consular office in their respective countries prior to departure. If you need a guarantor for a Visa application, please contact the ISPMM'98 Secretary.
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(before 23rd August) (from 23rd to 26th August)
ISPMM'98 Secretary
Magnetic Materials Laboratory
IMR, Tohoku University
Katahira 2-1-1, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8577, Japan
Tel: +81-22-215-2098, Fax: +81-22-215-2096

ISPMM'98 Symposium Desk 
Sendai International Center
Aramaki, Aobaku, Sendai 980-0856

Tel : +81 22 223-2840, Fax : +81 22 223-2850
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We are looking forward to meeting you in Sendai.
Thank you.